The Calendar in my Head

I am weird, and this blog post will prove it.

I have a yearly calendar in my head. It’s reminiscent of a Monopoly board, with the months arranged counter clock-wise. It is not symmetrical. Each month is a different size, with May and part of June running across the top and December stretching across the bottom. I am like the Monopoly piece, in that I see the rest of the year from where I am “standing” on the calendar right now.

I’ve always envisioned it this way. But the funny thing is, I thought everyone viewed the calendar year like this. But many years ago when I mentioned it to my younger sister, Kristin, she IMMEDIATELY let me know it was just me (and I was a little crazy). She said it was a condition similar to synesthesia, where people relate colors to smells, or associate letters with colors. A few Thanksgivings ago,  I learned I am not the only one in my family to have this. My brother sees numbers a certain way, and one of my uncles also has a calendar in his head, although his is oval shaped.

So, here is my “mental calendar”, as best I could draw it.

You can make fun of me now. It’s OK I can take it. If you want to see more examples of other people’s mental calendars, I found this article online that has some great examples.