Monthly Archives: August 2011

Oliver is 6 months!

My baby is 6 months old today! I can’t believe it. He’s rolling over, eating solid food, and giggling a lot. And he sits on his own for a few seconds before falling over. I attempted to recreate an image I took of Max at 6 months old. Oliver is on the left and Max...

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We recently spent a few days with our dear friends and their 2 year old son Colin. I try to get pics of them every year, usually at the Outer Banks. We weren’t able to vacation together this year, but we did spend a lovely weekend with them.  

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Story Time

Last week was my first real week as a stay at home mom. I got the brilliant idea to take Max to the library for story time. After all, he likes stories and it was free (bonus). Plus, I figured it was about time we got a library card and started borrowing books and videos....

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